Billy the cat

When beautiful Billy was brought into an RSPCA shelter, it was immediately clear this lovely ginger had suffered some serious head trauma. The veterinarians weren’t entirely sure, but they thought it could have been caused by a car. Poor Billy’s jaw was fractured. But, even more seriously, the impact of the trauma had caused his eyeballs to pop out of their sockets. He was in a lot of pain and RSPCA staff knew they needed to act quickly. As the damage to his eyes was so extensive, the veterinarians had no choice but to remove them. The loss of his eyesight must have been unbelievably tough, but Billy was a real soldier.

When cats lose their sight, their other senses magnify to compensate. They use their hearing, smell and whiskers to help guide them and stop them from bumping into things. And cuddle addict Billy is very much testament to this! RSPCA staff soon witnessed this affectionate and trusting cat exploring, keen to make mind maps of any new territory. Billy quickly recovered from surgery, his stitches came out and his fur grew over where his eyes used to be. It was now time for this handsome cat to find his forever family. CCD-Billy-the-Cat-078

Luckily for Billy, he didn’t have to wait long for his happily ever after. Touched by the story on Facebook, he was soon on his way home! His new owner followed the RSPCA’s advice and introduced this fantastic feline to his new surroundings bit by bit. That way, he wouldn’t be overwhelmed by a huge, unfamiliar space. But although she began by restricting him to the laundry room, in true Billy style, he was keen to keep exploring! He’d soon located his food and scratch mat, and chosen his favourite spots to nap. In fact, after just a day, this clever cat had already thoroughly mapped out most of his new home!

Recovering the cost of caring for Billy while he was with the RSPCA is only made possible by your generosity. Your support funds the costs of his surgery, ongoing treatment, food and shelter… and for so many more animals like him. Every cupcake you bake and every dollar you raise helps the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals like Billy, and ensures they too can get the happy endings they deserve.

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