Crank the puppy

Crank was still a puppy when he was abandoned on a bitterly cold day.

A kind stranger found him and brought him to the Adelaide Animal Emergency and Referral Centre (AAEC). No one knew where Crank had lived but he somehow survived the frigid weather.

The AAEC gave Crank to RSPCA SA for veterinary treatment, rehabilitation and rehoming. The RSPCA SA Veterinary Team examined Crank and found that a larger dog had viciously attacked him at some point. X-rays showed that the attack broke the bone across the top of his eye socket, pushing a large part of his skull inwards.

The RSPCA SA Veterinary Team saw that Crank had trouble putting weight on one of his front legs. After further examination, they found he had broken several toes and bones in his paw.

Crank’s paw could be fixed but his skull already healed in an unnatural position. His skull injury was serious and could potentially cause long-term problems.

Today, Crank has very special care. He will need CT-scans to determine his long-term prognosis and treatment options.

Veterinary treatment and rehabilitation is expensive… so will you help us be there for Crank every step of the way?

By taking part in Cupcake Day 2017, you’re giving Crank the best chance at a long and happy life.