Fluffy the dog

Fluffy couldn’t help it when she was surrendered.

Fluffy was pregnant with a puppy that was too large for her tiny frame. She went into painful labour and rushed to the RSPCA Sydney Veterinary Hospital. It was the middle of the night, she needed surgery and the veterinary bills were high. So her owners decided to surrender Fluffy to ensure she could receive the crucial care needed.

That night, Fluffy underwent a caesarean section… but the puppy was stillborn.

In one night, everything had changed and Fluffy grieved for her loss. She trembled, cried and whimpered in her new environment. Every sound and stranger frightened her. Merrilyn, an RSPCA staff member, became her foster carer. It was her job to show Fluffy that the world could be good, kind and gentle.

Every day, Merrilyn talked to Fluffy in a kind voice and soothed her fears. It wasn’t long before Fluffy began to play, cheekily ask for treats and lap up attention.

Fluffy is scheduled for a few more medical procedures before she is ready for adoption. But it’s official… Fluffy has crawled out of her shell and into our hearts.