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Whether you’re hosting a small morning tea with a few close friends or getting your whole company involved, your Cupcake Day party will change the lives of mistreated, abandoned and abused animals.

We asked some of our 2015 hosts to share their top tips of how to organise a great party.

Nawal, Neve and Nora

Nawal, Neve and Nora, ‘The Cuppies’, raised an incredible $3,537.50 during Cupcake Day for the RSPCA last year, selling cupcakes outside Nora’s office in the city. As well as being fantastic fundraisers, they’re also huge animal lovers and proud dog owners. Nawal and Neve’s toy poodles, Baci and Bella, are both 11; and Nora has a rescue Maltese Shi Tzu crossbreed named Milo, who is eight.

What inspired you to fundraise for the RSPCA?

The RSPCA offers to support so many different animals in need, and we wanted to show them how much we appreciate their help by drawing attention to their cause and raising much-needed funds.

How did you find the time to bake and sell cupcakes?

We were on school holidays from London and we baked the cupcakes on the Sunday before Cupcake Day.

What is your favourite memory from Cupcake Day?

When we counted all the money at the end of Cupcake Day in 2015 and found out that we raised more than $3,000.

Do you have any helpful tips for people planning their own Cupcake Day?

Make sure you’re well prepared with all the right ingredients to make the cupcakes, and set aside enough time to bake and decorate them all.

What are your favourite cupcake flavours?

Nawal doesn’t have a favourite, Neve likes red velvet with cream cheese icing and Nora’s favourite is vanilla with buttercream icing.



Despite only finding out about Cupcake Day two years ago, Tralisa quickly became a cupcake baking and fundraising pro. In 2015, she raised an awe-inspiring $11,158.41! She is a volunteer cat assistant for the RSPCA, and has two wonderful fur-babies.

What inspired you to fundraise for the RSPCA?

I’m a huge animal lover, so I’ve always admired the work the RSPCA does. With Cupcake Day, I could fundraise for a cause I care about while doing something I love!

You were our highest fundraiser for Cupcake Day in 2015! What are your secrets?

I think the secrets to a successful Cupcake Day are to set a target and develop a clear plan to reach it. It’s also important to remember to have fun and show people how passionate you are about the cause! If they see how much fundraising means to you and the amazing difference it’ll make to the lives of animals, they’ll be more than willing to get behind you.

I spent a few months beforehand coming up with cupcake flavours to appeal to everyone. I drummed up interest online, contacted my local newspaper and radio station to arrange interviews, and reached out to local businesses for discounted goods or donations. I also downloaded resources from the Cupcake Day website to create an eye-catching market stall. And I got my family and friends involved so we all had fun together!

How did you find the time to bake and sell cupcakes?

I did most of my baking on Saturdays and selling at markets on Sunday mornings. I was actually in the middle of an eight-week challenge at the time, much to my personal trainer’s amusement!

What is your favourite memory from Cupcake Day?

I think the next best moment was catching my breath at the end of the month and realising that I’d surpassed my target days out from my deadline.

Can you tell us about Irish and Odin?

I adopted Irish, a Domestic Medium Hair black tabby, from the Townsville Shelter and it was love at first sight. He’s easy-going and sure of himself, and sometimes I think he’s part dog!

Odin, a Maine Coon black tabby, is his adopted ‘little’ younger brother, even though he’s more than twice his size. They became best friends from the start. Together, they can get up to some mischief around the house, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’d also love to foster cats and kittens in the future.

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