Fundraising Ideas and Tips


Every dollar counts when it comes to raising money for the countless abandoned and neglected animals who come into the RSPCA’s care. Set yourself a fundraising goal, and follow the RSPCA’s ideas and tips to help you reach – and surpass – it.

1. Customise your online fundraising page

Use messages, photos and videos to make your page stand out, and let everyone know why you’re baking and raising funds for RSPCA animals in need. Your supporters are more likely to donate if they can understand your story and why helping to fight animal cruelty is important to you.

Don’t forget to set a fundraising goal and tell everyone what it is. This will help your supporters feel motivated to reach this target before the end of Cupcake Day.

2. Ask for support from your company

Ask your employer to get involved by matching the funds you raise. To help plead your case, download our dollar matching letter and let your manager know this donation will be tax deductible.

3. Use social media

Post a link to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page to let your friends know about your Cupcake Day party. You could even add information to your eSignature. Remember to include a link to your online fundraising page. You can also use the hashtag #RSPCACupcakeDay to share photos of your event – and amazing cupcakes.

4. Let your supporters know where their money goes

It’s really important to let your donors know that all the money raised during Cupcake Day will go to the RSPCA and the animals in our care. Each year, hundreds of thousands of animals turn to the RSPCA for help. The cost of rescuing, caring for, treating and rehabilitating these animals comes to more than $80 million per year. But what many people may not know is the RSPCA is a not-for-profit organisation and less than two per cent of these funds come from the government. The remainder is donated by the community. Without your generosity, the RSPCA would not be able to continue our vital work.

5. Thank your supporters

Showing your appreciation makes a really big difference, so don’t forget to thank all the supporters who have donated to your online fundraising page.


Follow these 10 simple steps to help you raise an easy $500:

  1. Start off your fundraising by donating to yourself. $25
  2. Ask your best friend, partner or spouse to match your donation. $25
  3. Ask family members for a donation. $50
  4. Ask five work colleagues to donate $10 each. $50
  5. Ask your neighbours. $40
  6. Ask five friends to donate $20 each. $100
  7. Ask 10 members of a club you’re in to donate $10 each. $100
  8. Post the link to your social media pages asking for a donation. $50
  9. Ask someone who has asked you for a donation. $10
  10. Ask your boss for a company donation. $50

Total: $500 raised for RSPCA animals in need!

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