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The official date for Cupcake Day is Monday 15 August. This means both students and staff can get baking over the weekend, and bring in their cupcake creations on Monday for everyone to enjoy. There’s no sweeter way to start the week. And of course, it’s a great way to raise funds to fight against animal cruelty.

So what’s the best way of organising a Cupcake Day party at your school? We’ve put together four easy steps to help get you started:

1. Get approval

Before beginning any preparations, make sure you check with your principal or teacher that your school is able to host Cupcake Day. It’s very important that the event fits within the school calendar. If you can’t hold your event on Monday 15 August, simply choose another date in August that fits in better with your school events program.

2. Plan and prepare

Once a date, time and location have been approved, you can decide what you want to do for your party. You might want to pick a theme for the day or hold a cupcake competition. You also need to decide on decorations in order to promote your party. If you need some help decorating, simply click on ‘Resources and Posters’ under the ‘Planning an Event’ tab, where you’ll find plenty of free, downloadable material. The most important thing is to have fun and make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. You could even invite parents to come along on the day… for a donation of course!

3. Spread the word

The more people who know about your event, the greater impact your school will have. That means you’ll be able to help more animals in need! You can raise awareness by creating an event on Facebook, displaying posters around your school, promoting the event in your school newsletter and making an announcement at your school assembly. These are also great ways to recruit more cupcake cooks. And more cupcakes will mean more donations for RSPCA animals!

4. Fundraise

Making your online fundraising page one to remember is a great way to bring in the funds. So pawsonalise yours with your school crest, and ask parents and friends to sponsor your efforts to fight animal cruelty! On the day, ask for a donation to help mistreated animals in return for a delicious cupcake. Remember to use your page to keep everyone updated with your fundraising progress.

So what are you waiting for? Register your school today for free and help transform the lives of countless RSPCA animals!

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