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The official date for Cupcake Day is Monday 15 August, and there’s no better start to the week than getting your workmates together for a cupcake party at your workplace. It’s a great way to raise funds to fight animal cruelty and raise awareness for RSPCA animals in need. You could even create a little healthy competition by challenging your colleagues to a bake off.

So what’s the best way of organising a Cupcake Day party for yourself and your co-workers? Follow our four simple steps to ensure a great event and to help you maximise your fundraising efforts:

1. Get the nod

Before you begin organising Cupcake Day for your workplace, speak to your manager or supervisor to ensure he or she is happy for you to host a Cupcake Day party. Once you have support from your management, you can work out a suitable date, time and venue for the event.

2. Plan and prepare

After a date, time and location have been approved and organised, you can decide what to do to make your Cupcake Day memorable.

Everyone likes a friendly workplace competition from time to time. So why not hold a Cupcake Day challenge throughout August? Each week, a new department or team could bake cupcakes, trying to better the cupcakes baked the previous week. Voting could be scored on donations, so the yummier the cupcakes, the higher the donation. The department or team who receives the most donations wins! Best of all, this means more money raised for animals in need and, needless to say, more delicious cupcakes for everyone!

3. Spread the word

Make sure everyone knows that your event is in aid of RSPCA animals in need. You can do this by displaying posters around the workplace and emailing everyone about your upcoming party. Remember to include all the details of the event, including your online fundraising page. If you need some help decorating, you can find plenty of free, downloadable material by clicking on ‘Resources and Posters’ under the ‘Planning an Event’ tab. If you’re planning on holding an ongoing competition, put the call out for bakers.

4. Fundraise

Make sure you display a donation box at your event, and don’t forget to ask people to contribute in exchange for a delicious cupcake. It’s also a great idea to send a follow up email to your colleagues with the link to your online fundraising page so they can donate online easily.

Want to get your workplace involved? Register today for free and you and your colleagues can soon be baking up a storm, and helping to transform the lives of RSPCA animals.

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