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We understand that organising a Cupcake Day party might seem like a lot of work. But actually, with just a little preparation, you can easily host an event to remember! To help you along, the RSPCA has put together a step-by-step guide to planning the perfect party. These six tips will help you get organised and inspired, and maximise your fundraising efforts:

1. Set a date

The official date for Cupcake Day is Monday 15 August, but you can hold your party any day during August. Make sure you send save the date invites to your colleagues, family and friends to get their taste buds tingling.

2. Choose a location

Decide where you want to hold your Cupcake Day party. This could be at home, school, work, or even at your local social or sporting club. If applicable, check with your boss, principal or teacher, or the venue manager that they’re happy for you to hold your event there.

3. Personalise your online fundraising page

Make sure you tell everyone you know about your Cupcake Day party and direct them to your online fundraising page. Uploading photos, stories and videos onto this page is also fantastic way of letting your supporters know exactly why you’ve chosen to support the RSPCA. Don’t forget to include all the details of your Cupcake Day party on your page, such as the event start time, location and theme.

4. Let everyone know!

Make sure you tell everyone you know about your Cupcake Day party and how you are fighting animal cruelty with cupcakes. Send an invitation via email or create an event on Facebook to invite your family, friends and workmates. Try to collect as many donations as you can prior to your event so you can use the day to celebrate your fundraising efforts by sitting back, relaxing and eating cupcakes!

It’s also a great idea to put posters up around your school, local community or workplace with the details of your party.

5. Host your party

We’re not going to lie: even experienced bakers know baking more than a couple of batches of cupcakes can be hard work! That’s why it really helps to work as a team. Try to recruit as many cupcake cooks as you can, as the more cupcakes you have, the more money you’ll raise for animals in need. To really get those donations pouring in, bake a variety of flavours to cater to everyone’s tastebuds. Check out our recipes for some ideas to get started. You could also create a little friendly competition between your cupcake cooks by challenging them to bake the best tasting cupcake.

Transform your event venue into a cupcake wonderland using the items in your Cupcake Day Host Kit, which is free when you register. You can also click on ‘Resources and Posters’ under the ‘Planning an Event’ tab for more downloadable decorative materials. You could even go one step further and set a theme for your Cupcake Day party. Embrace your chosen idea by theming all your cupcakes and decorations. You could even encourage your guests to come in costume! It’s a great way of ensuring your party is one to remember and should bring in more donations – good news for RSPCA animals!

6. Say thank you

The most important thing to do is to show your appreciation for all your helpers and supporters. So every time someone donates, thank them! You can do this in person and on your online fundraising page. After your event, you could also send all your donors a thank you certificate, available from the RSPCA’s downloadable materials, to show you appreciate their support.

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