Gus the dog

gusGus arrived at the RSPCA as a stray, suffering from a painful condition which caused his eyelashes to grow inwards. This disorder meant Gus suffered from constant irritation. This poor pup felt so uncomfortable, he would paw constantly at his sore eyes. This made them irritated and weepy.

Gus spent months at the shelter receiving treatment after treatment. The strain on his mental health began to show and sadly, this once cuddly, energetic and happy dog became depressed. Months went by and Gus remained at the shelter, wishing desperately he could find his forever home.

But luckily, one day, a wonderful family saw Gus and it was love at first sight. Gus was adopted and is now happily installed in his new home. It was only with your support that Gus was able to receive the time and treatment he needed to make a full recovery.

Raised so far:

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