Involve your school

Cupcake Day is a great way to bring students and staff together for a fun event and a good cause. Students can bake with their families, talk about animal welfare and raise money for animals in need. And because Cupcake Day falls on a Monday, it’s guaranteed to be a sweet start to the school week!

1. Check with your school

Check with your teacher or principal that it’s okay to host a Cupcake Day on school grounds.

2. Plan and prepare

The sky’s the limit! It’s entirely up to you what your Cupcake Day looks like. It could be a bake sale, cupcake competition, or a colourful mufti day!

3. Spread the word

Do what you gotta do! Display posters around the school, ask to make an announcement at the school assembly, create an event on Facebook, or pop event details in the school newsletter.

4. Fundraise

On the day, ask for a donation in return for a cupcake. So, if your school jumps on board, the impact will be huge!