Involve your workplace

Cupcake Day falls on a Monday, so why not host it at your workplace? Give everyone a sweet break and treat them to some yummy cupcakes! It’s a great opportunity to band together and make a difference for the animals who need it most.

1. Check with your supervisor

Check with your supervisor that you can host a Cupcake Day at work. Together, you can work out the best date, time and place for your Cupcake Day, as well as how big or small it should be.

2. Plan and prepare

After a date, time and place have been given the thumbs up, you can get prepping!

3. Spread the word

Display your posters and email your office about your Cupcake Day. Let them know if they should donate online or via cash to get a scrumptious cupcake!

4. Fundraise

Send your workmates the link to your online fundraising page. Let them know how their donations will change the lives of animals in need. Maybe tell them a story about an RSPCA rescue animal or link them to a video you’ve seen!