Lochie the dog

When RSPCA ACT inspectors found Lochie, he was terrified, alone and in pain.

His body was covered in matted hair, pulling at his skin and creating open sores. Every step or minor movement brought agony.

It didn’t take long for Lochie to be quickly transported to an RSPCA shelter. The RSPCA ACT Veterinary Team handled him gently, soothing him and speaking softly. It took over an hour to shave him, removing the severe matting of hair that brought so much pain. Despite the shaving, the matting had already severely damaged Lochie’s left eye. There was no choice but to have it surgically removed so he could live a pain-free life.

After he recovered, he met a new family who loved his joyful approach to life. Lochie is healthy, loved and has a forever home. If RSPCA ACT hadn’t found him, his condition would have deteriorated and eventually be fatal.

It’s thanks to supporters and Cupcake Day hosts that his rescue was possible. There are countless unwanted, abused and neglected animals who need urgent care too. It’s because of your ongoing support that the RSCPA can care for, protect and rehome animals. So bake to fight animal cruelty this Cupcake Day!