Lulu the dog

She was starving and on the edge of death.

A concerned neighbour contacted RSPCA QLD about a skinny dog in their neighbourhood. When inspectors found Lulu, she was in a sorry sight. Because she only weighed 16 kilograms, Lulu was severely underweight for a dog of her age, size and breed.

“I could tell immediately something was wrong. Lulu was severely emaciated, and her ribs [were] clearly visible,” said RSPCA Queensland Inspector Stageman, recalling the moment he first saw Lulu. “Her little body could not stop trembling from the effort [to] stand… it was clear to me she would not have been able to endure much longer.”

Dedicated foster carer, Marion, took care of Lulu and spent many months by her side. “She was all tucked in, so scared and frightened. I knew she deserved so much better than the life she had been dealt,” said Marion. “If I can give an innocent animal a happy place for a little while… then that is what I will do.”

Thanks to the kindness of Cupcake Day hosts, animals can receive the help they need. Just like Lulu, many animals in need Most of all, This Cupcake Day, stand up for animal welfare and make a difference.