Olive the goat

Pretty Olive was found on the side of highway when she was barely two days old. The quick-thinking couple who found her were kind enough to stop their car when they saw her. With no mother in sight, they took this tiny newborn straight to an RSPCA shelter. She was unable to walk and starving hungry. RSPCA staff knew she needed some food at once, or she could develop hyperglycaemia.

Little Olive spent her first night in the RSPCA’s care in the veterinary hospital. She had to be tube fed because she was having trouble suckling on her own. And once she got used to being bottle fed, this needed to happen every few hours, as she was still so small.

One of the RSPCA veterinary nurses was kind enough to foster Olive until she was ready for adoption. That’s where Olive met Charlie, the dog in the photo with her. It may be an unlikely pairing, but the two became best friends. Charlie is also a rescue animal, surrendered to the RSPCA as a puppy, and loves getting foster brothers and sisters. Charlie showed Olive the ropes, and the two besties soon became inseparable. They even took naps together, with Charlie keeping little Olive nice and warm.

With Charlie’s support, Olive thrived, growing and getting stronger every single day. Best of all, she soon found her happy ending: she was adopted! It’s with your incredible fundraising that the Foster Care program can continue helping the smallest and most vulnerable animals find their feet until they’re ready to go to their forever homes, just like Olive.

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