Princess the cat


Meow! My name is Princess. I’m a lovely cat who thought her home was forever. But I came to the RSPCA because my family of 14 years decided they no longer wanted me. They came home one afternoon with a young kitten who loved playing and chasing me around. As I’m an older lady, this was just too much for me, and my family decided one of us had to go. I’d been with my family forever, so I never thought it would be me. But then they put me inside a box and left me at an RSPCA shelter. I was so afraid and I couldn’t understand what I’d done for them to send me away. All I’d given them was my love.

Luckily, my story has a fairy tale ending. Thanks to fundraisers like you, I could be given a second chance at a forever home and I was adopted! I’m now curled up happily with my new family, living the regal life I deserve, and I know that this time, it really is forever.

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