Sugar the pony

Nice to meet you! My name is Sugar. I wasn’t always such a beautiful, happy pony. When the RSPCA found me, I had been abandoned, along with two other ponies. The RSPCA quickly saw that my hooves were severely neglected. They were overgrown and extremely inflamed – ouch!

The RSPCA inspectors brought me into the shelter, but because of what had happened to me, I really didn’t trust people. In fact, the RSPCA were sure I’d never been handled before. But Kirsten, the education officer at the RSPCA, really wanted to make sure I could find a fantastic forever home, so she spent loads of time with me. She taught me all sorts of new things like brushing, leading and rugging. It was pretty tough, but I’m a quick learner. Kirsten also thinks I can be a bit cheeky too, because I can sense when people haven’t had any experience with horses before and sometimes take advantage of them! But she saw that despite my sassy side, I’m fun loving and really smart.

It took a whole year of waiting, but I finally found my forever home. A really nice man came to the RSPCA and took some photos of me to promote my adoption. I felt very hopeful that he could help me. But he did something even better than just sharing my story… he came back the very next day and adopted me himself! I’m now living the sweet life and I couldn’t be happier. And it’s all thanks to the wonderful people like you who care about animals. Because of you, the RSPCA can take the time to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals like me.

Raised so far:

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