The ducks

It’s not just cats and dogs who need the RSPCA’s help. Sometimes wildlife need rescuing too. One day, the RSPCA were called out to a public pond. Someone had illegally dumped oil into the water, seriously endangering the lives of the 15 ducks who lived there. The oil had caused their feathers mat and separate, meaning they weren’t waterproof any more. This could have led to hyperthermia and meant the ducks weren’t able to float on the water properly. They were also in danger of becoming poisoned from swallowing the oil when they tried to clean themselves. The RSPCA inspectors knew they had to act quickly, so the ducks were immediately taken to an RSPCA shelter to be washed.IMG_0197

Luckily, five RSPCA inspectors had completed a course about responding to wildlife affected by oil spills only one month earlier. This meant they had the necessary skills to efficiently wash the oil from the birds. There were so many ducks and the oil had soaked into the birds’ feathers so much, they required multiple washes to get them completely clean. It took all the inspectors, plus lots of RSPCA staff members lending a hand to make sure the ducks were oil free

Once clean, there was something else the ducks needed: a new home! Luckily for this feathered flock, a farm with a dam agreed to take them. The ducks were transferred there through the RSPCA’s Drives For Lives program and immediately settled into their clean, wonderful home.

It’s due to your fantastic fundraising that it’s possible to send our inspectors on training courses so that they can continue to save lives. And it’s with your support that programs like RSPCA’s Drives For Lives can continue running, transporting animals to help increase their chances of finding forever homes.

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