Betty's Minions

Cupcake Day VIC 2021

We're baking for animals like Betty!

This year we're taking part in RSPCA's Cupcake Day!

Betty Is a rescue dog (Boxer X Staffy) who has had a hard life being abused by humans. As a result of this she is extremely shy and timid. She has come to like her humans as we give her love and affection unconditionally! This is what any animal should get from there humans. So we are Baking to help make a difference for these gorgeous lovable animals no matter what shape or size!  

Please support our efforts to provide shelter, care and treatment to mistreated, neglected and abused animals.

Help us raise funds to support the RSPCA and ensure these innocent animals get the love and care they desperately need until they find their furever homes.

Please make a donation to support our efforts and join us to help animals in need.

Thank you!

Our Team Members