Coral Joy

Cupcake Day QLD 2021

I'm baking to fight animal cruelty!

This year I am taking part in Cupcake Day!

Please support my efforts to provide shelter, care and treatment to mistreated, neglected and abused animals.

Help me raise funds to support the RSPCA and ensure these innocent animals get the love and care they desperately need until they find their furever homes.

Please make a donation to support my efforts and join me to help animals in need.

Thank you!

My Updates

100 Cupcakes

Tuesday 17th Aug
Ehehehe I had so much fun baking and icing 100 cupcakes for the RSPCA fundraiser!

I was utterly blown away by the level of skill so many of our volunteers cupcake bakers displayed! From Caramel Koalas to Pokémon and Busy Bees to Cinnabon! Not to mention the Chocolate Cheesecake!! Thank you to everyone who baked and helped out on the day!

Thank you to my Sponsors



So proud of the Sunshine you being to this World. Your passion is inspirational, both at work and outside.



A round of applause for a cause for paws!


Kat Voss


Sian Lindner

Great cause Coral!


Dane Saunders


Eva Voros

Beautiful thing you are doing...with everything you do.


Juliet Rivers


Svenja Proescher


Svenja Proescher