Cupcake Day for the RSPCA 2015

About Cupcake Day

Cupcake Day for the RSPCA is a great excuse to get together with family, friends and colleagues to eat delicious cupcakes and help animals in need.

The official date for Cupcake Day is Monday 17th August 2015, but you can hold your cupcake event at any time during August.

About Cupcake Day

You can host your Cupcake Day party wherever you like:

  • Host a Cupcake Day at your workplace and invite your colleagues
  • Organise an event at home and invite your friends and family
  • Host a bake sale at school or run a cupcake competition

It’s up to you how you celebrate Cupcake Day. You can host a high tea with friends, sell cupcakes in the foyer of your building or organise your own ‘cupcake wars’ and compete against each other to be the ultimate cupcake baking champion.

You can host a simple morning tea for your team, take some cupcakes to a local sporting event or theme up your workplace for an all day sugar rush – it’s your choice.

The important part is to have fun as you ‘bake’ a difference to support mistreated, abandoned and abused animals.

We’re here to make sure you have an enjoyable and smooth running experience while hosting your Cupcake Day, which is why you’ll get your very own Cupcake Day Host Kit that includes everything you need to help promote, organise and host your event.

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