Got questions before you get hosting?
Please see below the answers to our most asked Cupcake Day questions.

What is Cupcake Day?

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Cupcake Day is the RSPCA’s sweetest annual fundraising drive, where we encourage supporters to host a morning or afternoon tea with their friends, co-workers or schoolmates to raise money for the thousands of animals in our care.

The RSPCA relies almost entirely on the generosity of our supporters to fund the work that we do, including investigating cruelty, rescuing, treating and rehoming animals, and running our shelters and veterinary hospitals.

It’s thanks to Cupcake Day participants that the RSPCA can continue helping animals in communities around Australia.

Cupcake Day isn’t just limited to cupcakes, by the way. Feel free to get creative and put your baking skills to the test! We’re expecting to see your most decadent cookies, brownies, trifles, pies and slices – you name it!

When is Cupcake Day?

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You can host your Cupcake Day fundraising event on any day in September! Pick a day that works for you, your school or workplace and host your Cupcake Day then. If September doesn't work for you, that's ok! You can host your event in August or October too.

How do I take part?

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Register here and then get planning, inviting and baking – we can’t wait to see what you create!

If you need some ideas on how to host and raise funds, check out the following pages:

- Hosting with friends
- Hosting at work
- Hosting at school

Where do the funds raised from Cupcake Day go?

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The money you raise at your Cupcake Day event will go towards helping the animals who turn to the RSPCA for help.

That means your money does a number of crucial things, like keeping the doors to our shelters and veterinary hospitals open, keeping our inspectorate on the road investigating cruelty, providing emergency veterinary care to injured animals, and allowing us to prosecute people who have been cruel to animals.

Your support will also be invested into our community education programs, which work to educate the next generation of animal lovers – helping us move towards a future free from animal cruelty by empowering people with knowledge about proper animal care.

Your Cupcake Day fundraising makes a real and sustained difference to animal welfare in Australia.

I’m having problems registering online. What do I do?

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That's okay, we can help! Please contact your local RSPCA Cupcake Day team and let them know what issues you’re experiencing.

If I can’t host a Cupcake Day event, how else can I help?

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There are plenty of other ways for you to get involved in Cupcake Day.

You could encourage a friend, family member or your employer to host instead, and you can contribute by baking up a storm, donating or help with setup on the day! Or you can make a one-off donation to your local RSPCA page here.

Of course, you can always hold a bake sale at any time throughout the year and donate the funds to the RSPCA. However you decide to help is much appreciated and will make a difference to the lives of animals across Australia.

How do I collect donations?

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When you register, you’ll be given access to your own personal fundraising page. You can send everyone a link to this page and ask them to make a donation online, before, during or after your Cupcake Day event.

You'll have access to your own personal QR code on your Dashboard once you register, which you can also use to direct people to your page to donate.

You could also sell your sweet treats at a set price, ‘bake sale’-style, or just ask for personal donations. The easiest way for your supporters to donate is with their credit/debit card or via PayPal. Direct them to your personal fundraising page and get them to click ‘Donate now’. As soon as they’ve donated, they’ll be sent a tax-deductible receipt.

If you’re holding your Cupcake Day event in the office, we recommend you ask your employer to ‘dollar match’. This means that for the amount of funds you raise, they’ll match it dollar for dollar! Pretty neat idea, huh?

How do I get cash donations onto my fundraising page?

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If you’re given cash donations, simply click on ‘bank your funds’ and donate via a debit or credit card and then keep the cash you’ve received. Easy peasy! 

How do I receipt people who have given me cash donations?

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Simply email us and we’ll give you a form to complete with your donor's personal details so we can send the receipt to them for you!

I’ve forgotten my username and/or password!

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Don’t worry, it’s all sweet! Just click ‘Forgot your username or password’ on the login page and follow the prompts to restore your login. You’ll be back in no time, ready to sprinkle some kindness!

I’m having problems with the website or my personal fundraising page.

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Whoopsie! We can fix that up for you. Simply email your nearest office for assistance.

Does RSPCA provide tax receipts for donations?

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Donations of $2 or more are tax deductibleIf your supporters donate online, they’ll automatically be emailed a tax-deductible receipt.

What forms of payment do you accept?

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Donations can be made by debit card, as well as most major credit cards and PayPal. 

How do I ensure my event is Food Safe?

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Whilst we're baking up a storm, it's important to remember food safety! When food isn't stored, handled or cooked appropriately, your guests may be at risk of becoming unwell. For more information about the food safety requirements for fundraising events in your area, check out your local council's website.

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