Planning an event with friends

Looking for a reason to bake an extravagent cake or super cute cupcakes? Wondering if you're the best baker in the friends group? Want a way to bring everyone together for a good cause? Host a Cupcake Day with your pals and dine on delicious treats while you help fight against animal cruelty. 

You can hold your Cupcake Day event on any day across the month of September!

Get Started

1. Prepare

Begin your Cupcake Day journey by signing up as a host. Then use our Host Tools such as the Cupcake Day host guide, decorative bunting and posters to throw the purr-fect party for your pals.

Some ways to make your Cupcake Day fundraising a show-stopper include:

  • Host a morning or afternoon tea and ask guests to bring a plate and a donation,
  • Deliver your own delicious baked goods to friends and family for a donation,
  • Host a friendly bake off at home and ask guests to vote with donations - the dish with the most donations wins!

2. Plan

Drop the news of your Cupcake Day event in your group chat or set up on event on Facebook to let your mates know when it's happening. Tell them why the RSPCA is a cause you’re so passionate about and encourage them to participate with a plate of treats and a donation!

We’re sure they wouldn't miss it for muffin!

Then the serious stuff begins: what delectable dish will win you the bragging rights of best baker?

Remember! Always consider safe food handling practices. Check out your local Council's website for more information on food safety!

3. Party

The day has finally arrived! Hang up your bunting, lay out your sweets and tell everyone about all the animals they’re helping!

Remind your friends of all the ways they can contribute – by donating online via your fundraising page or by giving cash on the day.

Time to relax, eat, chat… and eat again!

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