Planning an event at school

Hosting a Cupcake Day at school is awonderful way to bring students, teachers and parents together with one common goal – eating good food! Oops, sorry, we mean helping the animals, of course.

If you’re a parent, your little sous chefs can bake with your family, sell their creations, and adopt an amazing sense of responsibility and pride knowing they’ve done their bit to help their furry friends.

If you’re a student, you can take the opportunity to show initiative in your school environment and put your baking skills to the test.

Remember, you can hold your Cupcake Day event anytime throughout August or, kick it ‘old school’ and join us on Monday 16th August.




Get Started

1. Prepare

Begin your Cupcake Day journey by signing up as a host. Then use our Cupcake Day tools such as a Cupcake Day host guide, decorative bunting and posters – all the things you need to throw the purrfect party.

Start brainstorming punny ways to share the great news with your school friends.

2. Plan

Hang your posters around the school and let fellow students, teachers and parents know when your Cupcake Day event will be held. Tell your mates why the RSPCA is a cause you’re so passionate about, encouraging them to bring along a plate and a donation!

We’re sure they’ll be as keen as a vanilla bean!

Then the serious stuff begins: what will you bake?!

3. Party

The day has finally arrived! Hang up your bunting, lay out your sweets and tell everyone about all the animals they’re helping!

Remind your school friends of all the ways they can contribute – by donating online via your fundraising page or by dropping some cash in your pop-up donation box on the day.

Time to relax, eat, chat… and eat again!

Get Involved

Your cooking counts

Meet the RSPCA animals you’re helping

Find out more

Need inspiration?

Scroll through some drool-worthy recipes

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Cupcake Day competitions

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