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Although the treats are definitely a highlight, the real cherry on top of Cupcake Day is the thousands of animals you help with your fundraising. The RSPCA is a charity dedicated to rescuing, treating and rehoming thousands of animals each year. Animal (and cake) lovers like you are the entire reason we’re able to continue doing what we do.

We’re pleased to introduce furry friends who, without your generosity, wouldn’t have received the help they needed.


Poor Barney came into RSPCA's care with a very sore, painful skin condition. Barney had a long journey to recovery ahead of him, but he had the veterinary team and his dedicated foster carer by his side every step of the way.

With regular medicated washes, antibiotics, and pain relief, Barney started to improve. Once he began to feel a bit better, Barney's sweet and gentle nature started to shine through, and he touched the heart of every staff member and volunteer.

Today, Barney is a completely different dog! His sore skin has been soothed and can now be easily managed. He’s free from his painful past and able to live his best life. He also recently found his forever family!

Barney’s new chapter is now in a wonderful home where he also has a doggy best friend to keep him company. All he needs nowadays is his comfy suit that he wears outside with sunscreen for protection, and his doting forever family.

Barney may always look like a hairless dog, he may even grow a little bit of hair back, but he’s now pain free and happy as can be.

Transformations like Barney's are only possible thanks to our incredible community supporters.


Wayne, a Holstein Friesian calf, sadly lost his mum while she was giving birth.

Without his mum, and in need of urgent rearing, this newborn quickly found his way to RSPCA.

With round-the-clock feeding and care, Wayne grew stronger (and bigger!) every day. He was soon known as a four-legged dynamo with a sassy attitude to boot!

And everyone who met him fell instantly in love, including paddock-mate, Matilda the Dorper sheep.

Matilda came into care as a stray, and was treated for tick-paralysis. Thanks to our dedicated veterinary team, Matilda was soon on the mend, and it wasn’t long before a friendship blossomed between the cheeky calf and sweet lamb!

Wayne & Matilda have since found their forever family, together! This pair are now enjoying lots of open space with an amazing family who will love and spoil these best friends for the rest of their lives.

The funds you raise this Cupcake Day, help RSPCA provide the very best care for animals in their time of greatest need.


It was obvious as she arrived into RSPCA’s care that Gertie was in urgent need of medical attention. 

Suspecting a possible car accident, Gertie was in bad shape and sadly vets and RSPCA staff had no idea how long she'd been suffering in this way. With her left eye protruding from her eye socket and partially hanging outside her eyelid, immediate surgery was the only answer. 

Rushed to the vet, Gertie underwent surgery straight away. After such a painful ordeal Gertie needed all the love, care and cuddles she could get! 

After just days in care, Gertie quickly captured the hearts of RSPCA staff and volunteers and with their assistance, Gertie slowly became the fun-loving and kind girl she is today. 

Despite her lengthy recovery and harrowing situation, Gertie's confidence grew. With each day in care, each walk with a staff member and each cuddle session in her kennel, Gertie's ability to bounce back was awe-inspiring and her true colours started to shine.

After 4 months in care, with endless love from vets, animal attendants and volunteers, Gertie was ready for adoption, and it didn’t take long until she found herself a loving new home. 

It is thanks to generous supporters like you that animals like Gertie are rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed.


Supa, a six-week-old kitten, was crying for help in a warehouse when an RSPCA inspector found him. He had wandered into a glue trap and was struggling to get free.

The inspector carefully rescued Supa from the glue trap and brought him straight to the RSPCA for treatment.

The vet team worked quickly to dissolve the glue and trim Supa with electric clippers. Supa was exhausted and dehydrated, so the vets also gave him plenty of fluids.

Supa was placed with an experienced foster carer while he continued to recover and regain his strength. As he grew, the fur where he had been stuck to the glue grew back into a healthy coat.

Supa met a loving new family where he is safe and happy, living the life he deserves.

It’s thanks to super supporters like you that our inspectors can respond quickly to critical rescue calls like Supa’s.

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