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Although the treats are definitely a highlight, the real cherry on top of Cupcake Day is the thousands of animals you help with your fundraising. The RSPCA is a charity dedicated to rescuing, treating and rehoming thousands of animals each year. Animal (and cake) lovers like you are the entire reason we’re able to continue doing what we do.

We’re pleased to introduce furry friends who, without your generosity, wouldn’t have received the help they needed.


Animals look to us—people like me and you—for the care they need to survive and thrive. So, when a pet is denied that care, it is absolutely heartbreaking. But because of supporters like you, we can take life-saving action to help mistreated animals like Rosco.

When our inspectors discovered Rosco, a beautiful 8-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, his situation was deeply distressing. It was clear that Rosco was suffering immense pain in his leg. From the severity of his injury, we suspected Rosco had been hit by a car. Rosco’s right hind leg was significantly swollen with an open wound. He would have been in unbearable pain just trying to do simple things, like walk and sleep.

And instead of taking Rosco to the vet for emergency care, his owner left him to suffer untreated.

Thankfully, our investigating Inspectorate team had enough evidence to seize Rosco from his owner and bring him into the official care of RSPCA where he could receive the immediate vet treatment he needed. The x-rays confirmed that Rosco had a broken leg, requiring orthopaedic surgery and weeks of intensive rehabilitation.

Rosco’s former owner was charged with breach of duty of care to an animal and was convicted in court of ill-treating Rosco by failing to treat his broken leg.

Meanwhile, Rosco was ready to be given a much-needed second chance. He went into the loving foster care of Cody and Jasmine who could provide him with the special home care he needed. Not long after, they decided to adopt Rosco as a permanent member of their family!

Cody and Jasmine told us, “At first, Rosco was a bit ‘stand-offish’. He didn’t want us touching him, especially his sore leg. But after a while he let his defences down and we started to see some adorable puppy-like elements coming out in him. These days, Rosco is the one who comforts us.”

After making a full recovery from his injury, Rosco now spends his days happily basking in Cody and Jasmine’s love in his forever home.

Our work simply wouldn’t be possible without the support of people like you. Fundraising is a wonderful way to provide real impact and give animals like Rosco a fighting chance at a happy life!

Luna and her puppies

Your amazing support by fundraising for RSPCA means animals like beautiful Luna and her sweet little puppies can have a safe, loving place to turn in their time of need.

Luna had a sad start to life but there is a happy ending to her story (I promise!).

Luna was abandoned by her owners and left alone to fend for herself in shockingly squalid conditions. And to make matters worse, Luna was heavily pregnant. She was extremely vulnerable, malnourished, and frightened.

When our Inspector answered the call from a concerned member of the community, she rushed to help Luna. When she arrived at the property, her heart sank at the sight of Luna’s situation.

Luna was huddled in a dark corner on cold cement. She was surrounded by piles of rubbish. Shards of broken glass covered the ground around her. Luna was left with a dirty water bowl and one dumped bag of dog food on the cement. Her days left of survival were numbered.

But, thanks to you, Luna’s situation took a life-changing turn. Our dedicated Inspector took immediate action to rescue Luna and (very gently) bring her to the safety of our RSPCA shelter.

Just hours later, Luna gave birth to her seven beautiful puppies. It was a close call, and I can’t imagine how awful it would have been if Luna had given birth in the appalling conditions she was found. But thankfully, her innocent puppies will never know the heartless abandonment Luna faced.

Luna and her puppies were given a safe, cosy, climate-controlled kennel. They also received vital, careful vet checks to help them on their journey to full health.

Every one of the puppies grew up strong and healthy—with their cheeky little personalities keeping our staff and their foster carer on their toes!

Our inspector who rescued Luna and her puppies shared, “They were all gorgeous – like little fat balls of butter. They were just beautiful!”

With the support of kind-hearted people like you, Luna and all her seven of her puppies were able to find forever homes. They each now have a wonderful future to look forward to, living the happy lives they deserve.


When gentle giant Gracie first came into care of RSPCA she sadly had multiple different injuries. She was covered in lumps, the tip of her tail had an open infected wound, the skin on her left paw pad had been ripped off and her tail was badly broken and ulcerated which meant that sadly it had to be amputated.

After surgery Gracie went into a foster home where her tail could heal and she could start to rebuild her trust. Soon after she came back to the shelter to have a large tumour removed from her right foot, which sadly included having an entire toe removed.

After her second surgery, Gracie was fostered into a new home with 3 cats. Her carers immediately fell in love with this sweet girl who immersed herself perfectly into their home and lives.

Gracie now enjoys a life of swimming in creeks, rolling in the grass, and napping on the bed between her new adoptive parents– whether she fits or not!


Rescued by an inspector at just three days old, Panda was a tiny, unwanted kitten with a big battle ahead of him.

He’d been born with severe chest deformity that was restricting his breathing. The poor thing must have felt so frightened, as he battled to fill his little lungs.

The odds were stacked against Panda. But support from kind fundraisers like you gave this little fluff ball a fighting chance!

Safe in care with RSPCA, X-rays confirmed that Panda’s breastbone was growing inwards, putting pressure on his heart and lungs.  He would need urgent surgery to save his life.

During a delicate three-hour operation, two RSPCA vets worked to secure a splint on Panda’s chest. Over time, this would help lift his ribcage into the correct position.

After surgery, Panda was placed in an oxygen cage to help him recuperate, before heading to an emergency vet clinic for intensive care overnight. Of course, he had no problems finding vet nurses willing to administer cuddles and TLC.

Once he was stable, Panda went into a calm and comfortable foster home. With regular X-rays and adjustments, he slowly started to heal and reveal his cheeky and mischievous paw-sonality.

Support from people like you made Panda’s urgent medical treatment and recovery possible. We’re happy to report he was recently adopted, and is enjoying plenty of snuggles, toys and play time with his forever family.  

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