Planning an event at work

Colleagues and cupcakes go together like strawberries and cream, don’t you think?

We’ve all seen the mad rush to the lunch room when a plate of sweets come out, so throwing a Cupcake Day at your workplace is bound to win you some brownie points!

Pick any date in August to gather your colleagues for the sweetest staff get together of the year!




Get Started


Begin your Cupcake Day journey by signing up as a host. 

It's totally up to you how you run your party. Some ideas include:

  • Simply host a staff morning or afternoon tea, where anyone can bring delicious treats (savory or sweet) and a donation to participate in the consumption!
  • Consider a bake off between individuals, teams or departments and ask staff to vote with their donations - highest fundraising wins!
  • Have a casual dress day for a gold coin donation.

Use our Host Tools for help with promotion, decorations and games for the big day.

2. Plan

The Host Tools are there to help! Hang your posters around the office and send out an all-staff email or calendar invite to let everyone know when your Cupcake Day event will be held.

Tell your colleagues why the RSPCA is a cause you’re so passionate about and encourag them to get involved by bringing along a plate and a donation!

We’re sure they’ll be as keen as a vanilla bean!

You could take this chance to get creative with your fundraising too. Knock on your boss’ door and ask if the company would be willing to match your donations dollar for dollar – this means double the funds raised! You can use this letter to help!

Then the serious stuff begins: what tasty sweet treat or scrumptious savory snack will everyone bring?

Remember! Always consider safe food handling practices. Check out your local Council's website for more information on food safety!

3. Party

The day has finally arrived! Hang up your bunting, lay out your delicious spread of goodies and tell everyone about all the animals they’re helping!

Make sure to remind your co-workers of all the ways they can contribute – by donating online via your fundraising page or donating cash on the day.

Then relax, eat, chat… and eat again!

Get Involved

Your cooking counts

Meet the RSPCA animals you’re helping

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