RSPCA Noosa Team

Cupcake Day QLD 2021

We're baking to fight animal cruelty!

This year we're taking part in RSPCA's Cupcake Day!

Please support our efforts to provide shelter, care and treatment to mistreated, neglected and abused animals.

Help us raise funds to support the RSPCA and ensure these innocent animals get the love and care they desperately need until they find their furever homes.

Please make a donation to support our efforts and join us to help animals in need.

Thank you!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Noosa Cupcake Day & Garage Sale Event 28/8


Cupcake Day Sales


Noosa Shelter


Garage Sale Donations


Danne Ericson-wirth

Doggie Pupcakes and Donuts and biscuits sold in Peregian on 15 August 2021


Dee Swinchatt


Cupcake Day Peregian Beach Markets


Offline Donations


Thank You To The Residents At The Avenue For Your Donations To Help The Noosa Team


Rspca Noosa


Donation From A Generous Donor For The Garage Sale


Donations From Our Garage Sale




Robyn Mayo


Liesl Nugent

Donation made for Brooch as requested.


Donations From Our Garage Sale


Thank You Sandy For Your Donation


Dee Quinn

Love you guys


Thanks To Gaia For The Donation From A Purchase Of A Donated Crate


Annabel"s First Donation


Max And Ben The Best Dogs


Thanks Deb And Family For The Support


Danne Ericson-wirth

Pup cakes, donuts and biscuits sold at RSPCA Garage Sale in Noosa 28 August .


Margaret Beston Thank You


Elaine Marsh Thank You So Much For Your Donation


Cash Donation