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Cupcake Day NSW 2021

Pastries, Pets, Philosophers Day 1: Diogenes

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You'll see full breakdowns of what each of us bake on our respective profiles, but we'll have a few treats for you here too.

This 'Pastries, Pets, Philosophers' blog mini-series is a fun little project where we'll pick out some of the great philosophers of the world, hypothesise what their favourite sweet treat might be, and let you know which RSPCA pet up for adoption they would love as their furry companion.

Today we're starting with Diogenes - a philosopher from Sinope (an Ionian city of the Hellenic states on the coast of modern-day Turkey) known as the progenitor of Cynic philosophy. He is known for his public loathing for authority and empty social convention, living outside in a big jar and preferring the company of dogs to Men.

Diogenes clearly had a taste for the rustic lifestyle, and a known dislike of excesses of social formality. I strongly believe he would be a staunch advocate of the salty honey pie, from the Elsen sisters' Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book, a wonderfully paradoxical (or perhaps dialectical) combination of sweet & savory, humble & crass, restrained & decadent (best made with the richest and darkest honey you might have) that reflects the controversy of his lifestyle and actions.

Diogenes would, without a doubt, adopt Cosmo the cattledog/kelpie. Together they would value their close companionship and outdoorsy activeness, and maybe Diogenes could benefit from a bit of Cosmo's positive energy!

If you want to learn more about Cosmo, you can do so here:

Fighting animal cruelty with Pastry Praxis and Cake Theory

This year, we, a bunch of lockdown-isolated nerds, will be taking part in RSPCA's Cupcake Day!

Together with the RSPCA we want to help provide shelter, care and treatment to mistreated, neglected and abused animals, all the while deconstructing the treat/meal binary.

If you have some money marked for charity but have yet to decide where it goes, please make a donation to support our efforts, and follow our journey to critique the institutions of cakery, dissect the history of Madeleine madness, discover the fundamental principle of deliciousness, and help animals in need. With your support we may even answer the ultimate question: is a cheesecake a cake, a custard, or a tart?

Thank you!

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Leanne Martin

A great cause and some delicious treats to taste test. Thanks Brig. Xx


Brigid Martin


Michael & Gaye

Well done Brigid Great Cause , wish we could taste .



Go B!


Karen Oliver


Veronica C

Great Cause Brigid!


Tracy Lenton

Wonderful cause Brigid. Wish we could sample the produce! Happy baking. šŸ˜Š



Well done. I’m sad I won’t get to taste any of these creations.



Go Brigid this is awesome!!!


Greg Beeten







Jo B

What a lovely think to do! Shame we can’t sample the products šŸ˜Š



Good luck with the amazing work you are doing.



love your work!! in pastry creature solidarity šŸˆ‍ā¬›