Mia Beatty

Cupcake Day WA 2021

We're Baking to Fight Animal Cruelty!

Coco, Stripes, Daisy, Charlie and I need your help!

This year, we're taking part in RSPCA Cupcake Day, to help fight animal cruelty.

We'll be holding a bake sale at our school, and we'd love all the sup-paw-t we can get to help make this our most successful cupcake day yet.

We're raising money to help our fellow pups in shelter get the love, warmth, and care that they deserve. Every animal should get to have the home we have, and with your help, we just might be able to give it to them! 

Us kitties (Stripes and Daisy) know what it's like to live in a shelter, not knowing the love and warmth of a forever home. Thanks to shelters like RSPCA, we got to have the second chances we deserved - and with your help, we might just be able to give that same chance to other animals across Australia!

Please give what you can - every cent counts!

Thank you!

xoxo Coco, Charlie, Stripes, Daisy and Me

My Updates


Thursday 2nd Sep
Thank you to everyone who donated, helped out, and bought food from us this August! Our stall was a huge success, and we managed to raise over $420 to fight animal cruelty, which we'll bank soon. 

A Huge Thank You to Common Place Bakery!

Sunday 29th Aug
A Huge Thank You to Common Place Bakery for generously donating 20 macarons to our upcoming stall! Pictured in our images; don't they look amazing? I wish I could eat them myself!! Be sure to visit their amazing bakery to get your own!

We've been busy baking all day, hopefully tomorrow will be a big success! Look down in the photos for some things we've made - including some amazing things by my teammate and best friend, Rhania.

RSPCA Cupcake Day

Thursday 26th Aug
RSPCA Cupcake Day is finally here! Our stall is scheduled for the 30th of August and we can't wait to hold it! 

We're so grateful for the support we've received, from students at school, friends, the Home Economics department and even a local bakery!

Thank you so much to CommonPlace Bakery for their incredible support to our cause 😊 We couldn't be more delighted to have some help this August! Make sure to visit them if you can - their treats are to die for!

Stripes and Daisy 💞

Monday 28th Jun
Stripes and Daisy, our gorgeous cats, are rescues from Cat Haven. Like many of the animals the funds we raise will be helping, they had an awful start to life. 

Stripes was found abandoned on a street, in a box, with no mother, along with her six other siblings. They were flea-bitten and sick, and barely old enough to be away from her mother, let alone out in the freezing cold at night.

Daisy was found wandering the busy streets of Fremantle, alone, as a 5 week old kitten, with no mother or siblings to be seen. She was skinny, scared, and vulnerable.

They ended up there through no fault of their own, and if it weren't for Cat Haven stepping in to save them, they may well have died out there, never knowing warmth or love. And without the support of people like you, Cat Haven wouldn't have been able to save them in the first place. 

Now, they live in a warm, loving home, with water, food, and cuddles abundant, living out their nine lives in luxury. 🐱💕That's why we're taking part in Cupcake Day this year, so that the RSPCA can give animals across Australia the second chance at life  that Daisy and Stripes were given!

Please suppawt as much as you can to give all animals the second chance they deserve.

xoxo, Stripes, Daisy, Coco, Charlie and Mia

Please Sup-paw-t Us This August!

Monday 28th Jun
This August, Coco, Charlie, Stripes and Daisy will be helping me to raise some dough for our friends at the RSPCA! We're all so excited and can't wait to start taste-testing *ahem* fund-raising for this Im-paw-tant cause. Please support us if you can and look out for updates as we go along!

xoxo, Coco, Charlie, Stripes, Daisy and Mia

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