Rupert Travers

Cupcake Day ACT 2021

I'm baking to fight animal cruelty!

This year I am taking part in Cupcake Day!

Please support my efforts to provide shelter, care and treatment to mistreated, neglected and abused animals.

Help me raise funds to support the RSPCA and ensure these innocent animals get the love and care they desperately need until they find their furever homes.

Please make a donation to support my efforts and join me to help animals in need.

Thank you!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Count On Friends

Well done Rupert, you adorable little ginger!


Dragon Echo

Echo the dragon chipping in! We like strawberries and carrot, and naps.



Go Rupert!


Jeremy Allin

Go Rupey Roo!!!


Chase Crawford

You have reached your goal buddy . Thanks for being pawsome



Very sweet thing to do Rupert.



I’d love to share some of your cupcakes Cousin Rupert. Lots of love from your Hooman Cousin Laila


Freya And Lloyd

Great work for an awesome cause 😺



Thanks for being a pawsome furriend Rupee xxx


Hello Louis Cat

Thanks for being a pawsome teammate!



Well done Rupee. We love you 🧡



Great work buddy


Rupee’s Old Mate Rupi

Stay safe Rupi


Isabelle Hernandez

Thank you for your efforts. You're pawesome!