Saoirse O'Brien

Cupcake Day NSW 2021

Saoirse & Bronte Need Your Help....

Saoirse is so excited to be taking part in the RSPCA Cupcake Day for 2021.

Our very own Bronte, was rescued by RSPCA from an unethical poorly run puppy farm.  The largest rescue in RSPCA NSW history!   Over 187 dogs were taken into the loving care of the RSPCA a mission which took many resources, inspectors, staff and veterinarians to care for, retrain and rehome.  Their story is ultimately an amazing success story about how one organisation made a significant difference to those who had no voice.

These days our Bronte is enjoying a wonderful life with thanks to the RSPCA.  A second chance many like Bronte never get.

If you can, please assist Saoirse raise funds to support the RSPCA and ensure these innocent animals get the love and care they desperately need until they find their furever homes.

Please make a donation to support her efforts and join her to help animals in need.

We are so grateful for your support.

My Updates

Gifting with a purpose

Friday 23rd Jul
Many thanks goes out to the lovely Trudy who ordered a box of cupcakes for her Mum's birthday.

Not only did she receive delicious vanilla cupcakes equally as important she contributed to this very cause of raising awareness and funds for the RSPCA.

Please when you can, buy with purpose - our four legged friends are counting on you.

Busy bees....

Monday 19th Jul
How cute are these vanilla cupcakes... 

These little worker bees are always a hit.

What's your favourite??  If you're keen to buy a box, they'll be available at Southside Animal Hospital, Croydon Street, Cronulla between 8.30 and 5.30.

A sweet treat awaits!

Winter inspiration...

Sunday 18th Jul
Saoirse will be back in the kitchen whipping up a few new flavours today..

Inspired by this gorgeous pup.  Caramel comes to mind.

We'll look forward to see what comes out of the oven a little later today.

Happy Sunday & thanks for your supPAWt,

Saoirse xoxox

Our Heartfelt Thanks..

Friday 16th Jul
Our heartfelt thanks will always go to the wonderful team at The RSPCA, NSW for their efforts towards giving our furry friends everything could possibly need to have that new start.

Inspired by beautiful hearts, these treats are off to our local vet, Southside Animal Hospital to share the love...

Raising funds can be tricky in a lockdown however the passing parade of clients makes this possible.

Thank you to the team at Southside xoxox

Back by popular demand... High Value Salmon Treats

Tuesday 13th Jul
A fresh batch went out today - contactless delivery...

So many waggy tails with their best sit, drop & stay!

Our gorgeous next door neighbour Edi the sausage dog wants more treats!

Monday 12th Jul
Edi is rather partial to the salmon treats and had a little chat over the fence about how slow the treats have been.

So, tonight Edi - we'll whip up your favourites but you'll have to share with your sister Stella.

These treats have been a real hit...  

The taste test...

Friday 9th Jul

Carrot & Apple Treats....

Thursday 8th Jul
These little treasures are looking good.

Crafted with R S P C A and a few bone shapes, these are sure to tempt the fussiest.

Production in progress...

More cooking today to test our next recipe...

Thursday 8th Jul
Peanut Butter, Pumpkin & Parsley dog biscuits are the order for this morning.

Our 12 waggy tails will be in for a treat later today.  It's been loads of fun trialing different recipes and flavours for our little buddies to taste.  Always a smile and a waggy tail, they'll be sure to rank this one as a favourite.

Their all time favourite to date.... salmon treats.

We now have our individual QR code...

Wednesday 7th Jul
In a lockdown we've tried to look at things differently, so the client experience is seamless.

Saoirse has created her own QR code for her cupcake boxes & dog treats so when people can simply scan & theyre directed to her individual page to either donate or enjoy the journey through the RSPCA Cupcake page blog.

We hope you give a box a try or possibly share with a friend.

Thank you for taking the time to support Saoirse in her quest with raising awareness and funds for the RSPCA.

Another awesome supPAWter - Southside Animal Hospital

Wednesday 7th Jul
With thanks to Michael, Jess, Hollie and the team at Southside Animal Hospital at Cronulla, they'll be joining Saoirse in her quest to raise much needed funds by having a table at their practice with delicious cupcakes and dog treats all in the name of raising awareness and much needed funds for the RSPCA.

Although we're in lockdown, this Saturday you can still purchase your box of 6 cupcakes or dog treats by popping into their Cronulla Animal Hospital located at 53 Croydon Street, Cronulla between 9.00am and 3.30pm.

No need to exchange money - you can donate via the RSPCA Cupcake Day portal and search for SAOIRSE OBRIEN.  You'll be guided through your donation.  There will be a jar for any cash donations which will be banked directly into the RSPCA's account.

A box of 6 cupcakes are $20 and dog treats start off at $5.  All proceeds go to the RSPCA and you'll receive a tax receipt direct to your email!

Keep safe & thanks for your supPAWt.

Saoirse xoxox

Excited to announce another great supPAWter, Paige Burton

Tuesday 6th Jul
We're in the swing of planning our Paw Party & no other than the very talented Paige Burton will be on hand for you & your pet for a paw-trait!  All proceeds will go towards the RSPCA as she & Saoirse will join forces to raise awareness and much needed funds so they can continue their work.  All "donations" will receive a tax deductible receipt.

The humble and talented Paige Burton is synonymous with excellence in digital communications, a forward thinking brand and campaign strategist not to mention...   a bloody good photographer.

No doubt you have seen her amazing portraiture with her FB & Insta pages "Dogs of the Suburbs".

Keep your eyes posted for dates & details..  We cant wait for you to join us in raising awareness, much needed funds and of course a common thread... our beloved pets.

Tell your friends, its bound to be memorable.

A thank you for your SupPAWt... The Cookie Cutter Shop!

Tuesday 6th Jul
Our good friends at the Cookie Cutter Shop processed our online order in lightening speed.

Order placed late yesterday and to our surprise, a boxed & thoughtfully wrapped order was delivered today!

A sweet personalised note means the world and shows just how much they care about their customers & the client experience.  

We'd like to thank them for their generosity in adding a few extras to help our creativity along - it was so so sweet.

Superb quality & no doubt these will be a hit with the waggy tails when we have our Paw-Party in aid of the RSPCA with the many flavours we've been testing for our doggy biscuits & treats.

Thank you to the team at the Cookie Cutter Shop

Saoirse xoxox

A mid-night snack....

Tuesday 6th Jul
Pictured here are the gorgeous neighbours, Stella and Edith (*Edie for short - pardon the pun).

A tasting sample of salmon training treats were COVID safely delivered and dropped on their doorstop for a discerning taste-test by these gorgeous little hot-dogs..

A report back - the girls were in a frenzy with the taste.  Success!  A few tasty treats left over were placed on a low lying table....   and one little piggy made her way stealth like to the remaining irresistible morsels.  Gone!  Not sharing...

Needless to day, we had one gorgeous girl snoring her head off in a gastronomical bliss.

Be sure to be on the lookout for these ones.  By far - these are the girls favourites..  until the next batch!

Meet the treat critics...

Monday 5th Jul
Ned & Molly are the newest kids on the block...  recently moved in & most discerning when it comes to treats...

This afternoon they joined the neighbourhood wags in a few tasty treats in readiness for our next fund raiser for the RSPCA.

Initially they had four to share... two each just weren't enough so we handed over another four...  They were equally pleased with the second helping.

Tomorrow our fine taste testing Aussie Shepherd duo will critique the offerings.

Paws up???  We eagerly await...

To be continued...

With love....

Monday 5th Jul
These gorgeous golden treats have sweet potato and chicken stock infused.  Originally was going to go with a biscuit however one of our dogs (so not a senior) doesn't like hard biscuits so these are soft floaty hearty pillows.

Keen to get those neighbourhood wagging tails into a few taste tests.

We've also got a lovely salmon treat which my two were dancing like the gorgeous girls out of the Moulin Rouge!

Tomorrow is another day & we have a few more to whip up & see how the feedback goes....

The results are in & our neighbourhood dogs say paws up!

Monday 5th Jul
Pictured here is Wally the standard sized Groodle puppy.  He's one of 12 dogs this afternoon to try a small tasting pack of four of our new dog biscuits.

Wholesome & nutritious ingredients that wet each of their palettes with a resounding "more".

This flavour was a banana, peanut-butter & honey biscuit baked so they were soft and easy for some of our more senior dogs.

Another round of treats tomorrow for our 12 waggy tails.  Salmon biscuits will be the next on list of the taste testing week.

All made with love for our furry friends & in the aid of raising awareness & much needed funds for the RSPCA.  A nice accompaniment for our waggy tails to our boxed cupcakes for our hoomans..

More tomorrow...

More stars than the 4th of July....

Monday 5th Jul
Well, we're in full production in the test kitchen and our lovely neighbours are about to get some treats for their four legged friends.

This recipe is a healthy one - the hero of the dish is peanut butter, banana and a splash of honey.

We'll be sure to bring you the pawsome reviews.

A message from the branch managers....

Monday 5th Jul
Our branch managers Harley & Bronte have had a good idea...

Dog biscuits...

We'll we're now in production testing different recipes in readiness to open another treat for our four legged friends.

Be sure to look out for these next time we're raising funds for the RSPCA...

They're keen to share the load & will let you know what's their favourites.

Yours in the kitchen,
Harley & Bronte xoxox

We are planning a Paw-Party....

Monday 5th Jul
Keep your eyes posted....

We are planning a few paw parties for our local four legged friends and their hoomans in sup-pawt of our favourite organisation, the RSPCA.  They're currently having a cupcake drive to raise much needed funds so we invite you all to come along, bring your fur babies, loose change and if you're feeling pawsitively generous, you can donate via our page - you'll even receive an automatic tax receipt!

There will be boxes of delicious vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and many dog friendly treats too!  There may even be a guest Paw-tographer so you & your favourite hooman/s can get in on the act & have something to keep on their office desk when they're finally out of this crazy lockdown.

All subject to lockdown being lifted.

We'll be sure to post more details as to how we can all join in on the fun and raise awareness & much needed funds for our fellow furry friends at the RSPCA.

Lots of love,
Saoirse xoxo

A special red envelope...

Sunday 4th Jul
This is our beloved mini Groodle, Harley.

The special red envelope was a Father's Day card almost 2 years ago.  Presents piled high and the card thoughtfully and carefully placed on the coffee table awaiting our main man, Grandpa!

The joy when Harley decided this was his gift to give when he picked it up and ran around the house only to place it almost script like at my father's feet.

These guys are the cutest and we are so fortunate.

There are others not so fortunate and that's why each year we do our best to raise much needed awareness and funds for our friends who do a mountainous job rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming with the love, care and attention each desperately need.

This cupcake drive we will adjust our goal as we have done to aim high and raise as much as we can (with a little help from our friends).

A Happy Independence Day to our American Friends

Sunday 4th Jul
The 4th of July - American Independence - a wonderful way to celebrate with friends & family.

Wishing our friends in the US and those abroad a great day!

12 months later....

Friday 2nd Jul
12 months following the successful adoption of our gorgeous girl Bronte, the Groodle, it was evident that slowly but surely confidence & trust was growing.  Every week that went by we saw something new present like a budding flower in springtime.

No longer did she cower when she saw a man or roll over in submission with noise.  A smile began to emerge where fear had once occupied every part of her being.

She no longer guarded her food, although she still ate as though she was a Dyson on four legs..  There was ample to go 'round and whilst she had put on the weight she needed, treats were always in abundant supply.

Having come from an unethical breeder on a large property, she was beginning to enjoy life's simple pleasures such as chasing a ball and running along the beach.  The immense joy of long ocean swims would be a highlight that would become part of her new routine.

Never underestimate the importance of patience and kindness with those animals who were so burdened with their past.

She's a treasure and our greatest joy xoxo

Adoption Day - the day our family became complete...

Thursday 1st Jul
It was the morning of the 19th December, 2019.  We were eagerly awaiting for the doors to open at the RSPCA, Yagoona after having several previous attempts at adopting.  Here we were, Mum, Grandma and our pup Harley equipped with a blue lead/collar and a pink hopeful of a successful outcome.

We were met by the Shelter Manager who introduced us to a very caring English animal attendant - one who had been on this incredible journey from day 1.  He knew more about the #187 dogs than anyone else.

We were introduced to a total of 30 dogs that day and taken to the multiple pens.  Eventually, Mum narrowed it down to five for consideration.  The staff were so patient allowing us time to meet each one, interacting with the whole family in the exercise yards.  Most importantly there were no time limits for the 2 dogs time to interact to ensure the right fit was in place for both Harley and the soon to be new family member.

Hours went by and the selection was narrowed down to two.  Bronte, then named Ivory, was a breeding dog - one of the oldest dogs of the #187.  She was four and a half.  The other a younger black male who was barely 18 months.

The day flew by and ultimately discussions were had with Mum and the behavioural team, vets and a long chat with the young English animal attendant who was with them from day 1.

Mum asked that we wait patiently at reception whilst she chose.  If only we could adopt them all..

Mum came out and we waited... we held our breath... and then Ivory came out with a pink lead and a smile.  She was both my  & my Grandma's choice.

The 19th of December is our "gotcha day" a special date that we'll always celebrate with a deep gratitude.

We will always be totally indebted for the love, patience and care that the entire team of the RSPCA demonstrated during her transition from a breeding dog on a property with little shelter, under fed, no vet treatment left to fend for herself as part of a large over run pack.

It was the largest rescue in the RSPCA NSW history.  Not a feat for the faint hearted.  A total of 187 dogs were taken into the care of the RSPCA and given a second chance.

We love her and will forever support this incredible organisation.  We've had first hand experience at just how special these dedicated professionals will go to to ensure that all animals are treated with dignity, respect and love.

Thank you for supporting the RSPCA.


Thursday 1st Jul
Now these are the best pup-cakes Ive seen... 


Pawtraits & Sweet Treats

Thursday 1st Jul
Our house has always been lovers of dogs & its no surprise that Saoirse is passionate about our four legged friends with the RSPCA Cupcake Day or as I would rather say, cupcake months...

Cupcakes are her thing and she's constantly trying to refine her recipes and designs.  

As a keen amateur photographer, it was super cute to capture Harley's interest in these fruit scones when he was a puppy..  dont worry, they were off limits to those cheeky little paws.

High Five - We've hit over $2,000

Thursday 1st Jul
A big high five to all who have supported Saoirse in her journey to raise funds for the RSPCA in this cupcake charity drive.

It's the 1st of July and we've still got a way to go before we hang up our apron.  Our eyes are well on the date of 16 August so please let your friends, family and neighbours know that we are happy to deliver boxed cupcakes to keep this worthwhile fund raiser front of mind.

Box of 6 is $20 with all proceeds going directly to the RSPCA.

When you hit the donate button to either pay or contribute, you'll enter your details and your tax receipt will fly directly into you inbox.   Too easy!

Thanks again & we hope to reach our adjusted target of $5,000...

More SupPAWt from another big name...

Tuesday 29th Jun
The wonderful people behind this incredible business, BAKE BOSS, have rallied behind Saoirse in her quest to raise much needed funds for the RSPCA with their support in supplying product at a competitive price so we can keep up with the demand of the campaign.

We love this company and all that they stand for.

Bake Boss is Australia's leading cake decorating and baking supplies company opening its doors in 2011 - now with stores Australia wide and in New Zealand they remain personal, customer centric and humble in every way.

If you love cake decorating and you haven't met yet, I'd highly recommend BakeBoss for all your baking/decorating needs.

Thank you for making this cupcake fundraising journey towards the best outcome for all our four legged friends at the RSPCA possible.

Saoirse xoxox

Our inspiration behind the bumble bee vanilla cupcakes

Tuesday 29th Jun
Our goof-balls, Bronte & Harley are inseparable.

As you can see here, no downtime due to a rainy day.  Off to the local park at Cronulla for a game of ball and what do they do???  Wrestle!!!!  

It's like a dual with these two.  Bronte our rescue from the RSPCA is so gentle and kind and well.... what can I say?  Harley is 3 and a half years younger and always up for cheeky taunt.

So, it is with this inspiration of these two clowns in their raincoats we were inspired to create the vanilla cupcake with a vanilla buttercream & two bumblebees on the side with a cheeky shake of sparkles.

Hope you get a chance to try these.

Saoirse xoxox

Finalist in the ArchiPaws Competition is a great SupPAWt!

Sunday 27th Jun
Sandwich Bag Dad Artist, David Blumenthal, has given the paws up in SupPAWt of the RSPCA's Cupcake Day and Saoirse's efforts.

A very talented David has exhibited widely and you can find #sandwichbagdad on Insta or FB for other great works.

Thank you so much David for your generosity in supporting Saoirse & the RSPCA in raising awareness & much needed funds.

We love #Bone Appetit - finalist exhibit in the ArchiPaws Competition.  Best of luck for 2021 - let's hope its another Groodle!

OMG.... with your help, we're on top of the leader board!

Sunday 27th Jun
With thanks to you all, we've made it to the top of the leader board.

There's still so much work to do between now & August 16 so we'll be baking away as soon as the lockdown has lifted.

We've now set a new goal of raising $2,5000....  hope we can do this.  The RSPCA is such a wonderful organisation.

Thank you for your continued support.

How cute are these...

Sunday 27th Jun
Always on the look out for fun cupcake cases & toppers.

Found these, aren't they cute?

Voted our most favourite cupcake...

Sunday 27th Jun
Well the results are in...

The most popular cake of the day was vanilla and buttercream.  The little bees were the biggest hit followed by the ladybirds with hearts.

Our biggest fan was a gentleman who had recently retired saying it took him back to when he was a kid.

With the intention of taking them home, he shared a few with his mates in the shop next door only to return to buy some more.

Looking forward to getting creative for our next round.

Thank you again for your feedback.

Thank you...

Sunday 27th Jun
Thank you to all who were kind enough to stop by.

We'll be back with great enthusiasm after lockdown.

A Focus on our SupPAWt Team

Sunday 27th Jun
When Saorise began her journey into this amazing fundraiser for the RSPCA, we couldn't have been more overwhelmed by people's generosity and kindness in offering their support.

Pictured here is Adam who is the owner & head chef at Hummingbird Lane Patisserie, Oatley.  

Having met the family through sport, Jane & Adam were abundant in offering to donate 30 cupcakes from his patisserie to assist in the fundraising.

A combination of pink, blue & white buttercream vanilla cupcakes were decorated to a tee.  Some even had little dog bone sprinkles which were a hit with the little & big kids on the day.

Thank you Jane & Adam for your support.  It's good people like yourselves who inspire our future generation.

A focus on our SupPAWt team...

Sunday 27th Jun
With any charity drive such as the RSPCA Cupcake drive, it doesn't just happen because you bake a few cupcakes.

We'd like to honour & give thanks to Veterinary Specialists of Sydney, 106 Parraweena Road, Taren Point for their undivided support in allowing Saoirse to set up a stand over the last 2 Saturdays in their state of the art Veterinary Hospital facility.

VSOS is a compassionate team of leading vet specialists working in the cutting edge of veterinary care.  They provide state of the art world class medical, surgical and emergency treatment to owners and vets, and provide treatment in vet clinics throughout Greater Sydney, through our mobile service.

A wonderful community minded team from the administration staff, vet nurses, vets and specialists all here in our own backyard with the biggest hearts.

Thank you VSOS for your support.

It takes a community to raise a child.....

Sunday 27th Jun
The greater community came together yesterday to support my 10yr old daughter, Saoirse and her RSPCA Cupcake Day with the RSPCA NSW.  We were so touched by the kindness, stories and generosity of all who were kind enough to stop by.

In total, 29 boxes of cupcakes each with 6 lovingly decorated morsels flew out the door into the arms & hearts of good people who were keen to help her in her quest to raise awareness & much needed funds.

Friends and the community rallied together to show their support and offered many a kind word of encouragement to which I thank you dearly for.

She's now hit the No. 1 spot for the RSPCA cupcake day and it wouldn't be possible without our friends at Veterinary Specialists of Sydney and the amazing team at Petcare 2000 Warehouse, Taren Point.

To our dear friends Adam and Jane Milligan,  Hummingbird Lane Patisserie, thank you for your encouragement and very generous donation of 30 cupcakes.  They were an absolute hit!

Treats a plenty for all staff in both businesses and a way to say thank you for the amazing work they do in the community and the many animals they dedicate their professions to.  Your support and generous spirit was inspiring.

She's now tucked up in bed, totally exhausted from the day however indeed incredibly indebted for your support.

Thank you to you all for enabling a young girl with a big heart who is keen to make a difference.  I applaud you for believing and enabling her.

We are only half way in our quest to raise funds for this campaign and the lessons it has bestowed upon a young girl have been many.

Thank you again for your support, it has been greatly appreciated.

Well, that's a wrap .... 21 boxes of cupcakes ready to go!

Friday 25th Jun
We've been baking vanilla and chocolate cupcakes all afternoon and evening, decorating each with tlc ready for our big day tomorrow with the RSPCA Cupcake Fundraiser.

With special thanks to Veterinary Specialists of Sydney and PetCare2000 and our local FB community, we're keen to continue our quest to raise awareness and much needed funds for this amazing organisation.

Our very own Bronte was rescued by the RSPCA and taken care of alongside of the other 187 dogs from a disgraceful breeding facility.

Together we can be the voice they need.

Thanks so much for your support - every little bit helps.

Lots of love,
Saoirse xxx

Cookie Monster will be making a guest appearance!

Thursday 24th Jun
Cookie Monster will be making a guest appearance this Saturday so be quick!

He's bound to be popular so please be sure to make your way to Veterinary Specialists of Sydney, 106 Parraweena Road, Miranda to pick up your cute box.

Hope to see you Saturday & thank you supporting the RSCPA & Saoirse in this wonderful cupcake charity drive.

Blush: Where's my pup cake??

Wednesday 23rd Jun
Blush the gorgeous Groodle is keen to suppawt Saoirse in her Cupcake Drive but where are the pup-cakes???

Sorry Blush, we can offer you a treat and your human friends a six pack for a mere $20!  No working out at the gym, no strict food regimes.

We hope to raise much needed awareness for the RSPCA and their good work by baking for a great cause.

Help Blush & his good mates Harley & Bronte by donating via this portal or heading down to VSOS on Saturday any time or PetCare2000 Taren Point Saturday between 1.30 and 3.30.

We'll be stocked up come Saturday morning - Cupcakes for Everyone!

Wednesday 23rd Jun
We will be baking Friday night until the wee hours of Saturday morning in support of the RSPCA Cupcake Drive.

You can find your box of 6 or more at:

Veterinarian Specialists of Sydney, 106 Parraweena Rd, Miranda from 9.00 through to 5.00
PetCare2000, Taren Point Rd, Taren Point from 1.30 - 3.30

We hope to see you pick up a "six pack".  Alternatively if sweet treats aren't your thing and you'd still like to support this amazing cause, please click on the link and donate via this portal.

Hope to see you Saturday,

Saoirse xxx

Supporting those who need a helping hand...

Tuesday 22nd Jun
A cause for paws...

We're always keen to support those who need a helping hand.  With the RSPCA Cupcake drive, we're doing our best to raise as much awareness and funds as we can to do our bit for those who dont have a voice.

Be the change they need.

If you can gift a small amount, it will go towards the greater good.

We appreciate your support be it big or small & thank you for your assistance.

Saoirse xoxox

What star sign is your dog???

Tuesday 22nd Jun
We'll be baking again in the wee hours of Saturday morning to ensure that our wonderful hosts, both Veterinarian Specialists of Sydney, Parraweena Road Miranda as well as PetCare2000 are well and truly stocked with boxes of cupcakes to raise more funds for the RSPCA.

How cute are these???

Hope to see you at VSOS anytime on Saturday or between 1pm and 3.30pm at PetCare2000, Taren Point Rd, Taren Point.

A selection of chocolate, vanilla cupcakes will be available in boxes of 6 @ $20.00 per box.  If you're not into sweet treats that's ok, you can still donate at either site or via the portal.

Thanks so much for your suppawt!


A picture tells a 1000 words....

Tuesday 22nd Jun
We are so fortunate to have 2 goof balls that make our life complete.

We often look back through the photos of when Harley our biggest fluff ball was a pup and wonder if he was asking to come in too..

Our next inspired cupcake will be a fluffy vanilla cupcake with a golden top just like our Harley!

Be on the look out for inspired creations this Saturday at VSOS at Taren Point.

Double trouble....

Monday 21st Jun
Pictured here are Bronte & Harley.  

The love long walks, a run along the beach & cuddles.  They also know how fortunate they are and are equally as motivate for us to raise funds for those who may need a little help from their friends.

Nicknames:  Bronte (Messy Tessy) and Harley (Chunky Monkey)

Loves:   Bronte (anything food wise). Harley (liver treats)

Thank you for caring and your generous support.

Bronte & Harley xoxo

Thank you so much - together we've raised over $700!

Monday 21st Jun
Just a quick note to say thank you so much for supporting this great cause.

We've had to adjust our target a few times and we're now aiming to smash $1,000!

Hoping this weekend we'll need to raise the bar again.


Our gorgeous Bronte - Insights into the Amazing Work of the RSPCA

Monday 21st Jun
Bronte is a medium sized Groodle.  Now 5 and a half, she was one of #187 dogs that were rescued from an unethical breeder in the absolute worst conditions on the far North Coast of NSW.  She joined our family on 20th December, 2019 making it perfectly complete with Harley the Groodle (then 9 months), my Mum and my grandparents.

She was a breeding dog who had never been shown love, given much food and was purely a breeding machine for the purpose of making $$$ - utterly disgraceful.

In this image you'll see her dozing in the sun whilst I'm playing hockey!  The sweetest most appreciative & loving dog you'll ever meet.

These days she's treated like a Queen now that she's arrived at The Westin, Cronulla.  She's pampered, cuddled and loved beyond belief.

The incredible efforts the RSPCA went to to not only ensure that these dogs were taken into care, given nutritious food, for the first time given a full vet check and the necessary medication/treatments each individual dog required together with love & training made our journey to finding our sweetheart all the more special.

And it for this very reason, we wholeheartedly support the RSPCA.

Thank you for your generosity in contributing to the wonderful work that they do by donating or buying a box of cupcakes.

Saoirse xoxox

She's loved beyond imagination & now has a wonderful life.

Thank you to the entire team at the RSPCA - we'll forever be indebted for your love, kindness and care.

It might be Winter but how are these for inspiration??

Monday 21st Jun
How good is this for a fruit platter???

Such a creative selection.  Might have to try these for Summer.

Look at these beauties....

Monday 21st Jun
Two dozen Tiffany Blue Cupcakes flew out the door for a special order.

We're keen to continue our quest to support all creatures great & small.

We just love what the RSPCA continues to do and will endeavour to do our part!

Lots of love,
Saoirse xxx

A wonderful opportunity at Veterinary Specialists of Sydney

Monday 21st Jun
Thanks to VSOS at Taren Point, Saoirse had the wonderful opportunity to bake & decorate 9 boxes of cupcakes to raise awareness & much needed funds.

The team at Veterinary Specialists of Sydney are incredible clinicians and lovers of all things great & small.  With a big heart & community spirit, the management and team opened their arms & doors to support this wonderful opportunity to raise much needed funds and awareness.

How fortunate are we to have incredible talent in abundance in one state of the art veterinary hospital.  Check it out

We're back again this Saturday & the call out to the community has been well received.  It's going to be a big bake off Friday afternoon well into the evening to ensure we maximise our opportunity and $$$ for our favourite charity.

Thank you VSOS - you're pawsome!

One of the many tasty morsels boxed & ready to enjoy

Saturday 19th Jun
One of 9 boxes of cupcakes were lovingly made for the RSPCA cupcake drive.

We tried a new cream as a topping, needless to say it was delicious.  Nothing like a test batch!


9 Boxes of Cupcakes Heading to VSOS Taren Point

Friday 18th Jun
A massive thank you to VSOS - Veterinarian Specialists of Sydney located at Taren Point who have been kind enough to set up a stall to assist Saoirse in raising much needed awareness and funds for the RSPCA.

We hope this adds to the funds raised to date.

A big thank you ♡

Sunday 13th Jun
A big thank you for the generosity shown so early in my quest to raise awareness and much needed funds.

Trudy, Mum, Michel, Claire, Jen and Lucy Im so grateful. 

A pic - my reason for being..

Lots of love 
Saoirse ♡

Thank you to my Sponsors


Claire , Jen & Luci Our 187 Girl

Well done Saoirse, lots of love from our 187 girl Luci Re- sell our cupcakes 🧁.


Luke Domrow


Michelle Blakey

Congratulations Saoirse for raising awareness.....your caring and beautiful nature DOES make a difference...well done darling xx




Steven Plarre

From one baking family to bake me happy Saoirse!! :-)


“wally” Beard

Congratulations- your a superstar- this donation is from ‘Wally’.


Louisa Roberto

You go girl’! I’m so proud of you


Karan Lee


Elizabeth Milton

Keep up the great work! Such a worthy cause


Sophie Olorenshaw



Hey Saoirse Definitely want to order 12 cupcakes and hopefully I am free to help on the day


Sue Blakey

Keep on cooking for such a good cause


Michel Fletcher

Love you and your ambition and drive for what is right x



Well done, you should be super proud of yourself



Keep up the good work


Jennifer O'brien

So proud of you sweetheart. Keep advocating for those who need a strong voice & a brave heart. Lots of love, Mommy xxx


Salty The Sailir Pup


Josette Addinall


Louisa Roberto

So proud of you beautiful girl :)


Jess Roberts

Lockdown cupcakes for all my friends thank you guys!!


Melissa Natoli

Thank you for yummy treats . Lots of kisses Moses &Romeo


Safina Tsai


Charlotte & Jack M

Well done Saoirse!


David B


Friends Of Southside Animal Hosoital


Damian Oraz


Laura Cunial


Ana Levar


Louisa Roberto


Sharon Banks

Saoirse, you are such a caring kind person. The dogs of the planet Salute you as do I. X


Shae Dredge

High five Saoirse - I think you’re a superstar & Blush says she thinks you’re pawsome! 🐾🐶❤️


Dominique Radnai


Amanda Coleman



Well done to you Saoirse!! You are such an amazing young girl with a big heart :)))


Aisling Dixon

What a beautiful young lady! Keep up the good work! #irish


Matt Gould


Corban Mcgregor


Darren Grixti


Matthew Verity




Jess Roberts

Huge fan of the cupcakes!!


Lilly La Cava

Thank you SAOIRSE!


Hollie Jefferies


Bec Young

Thank you for your efforts to help the RSPCA! BEc from VSOS



Thanks for your work to support a worthy cause and make life better for animals.




Natalie Galea



Great job, you should be very proud of yourself.