Planning an Event with Friends

Hosting a Cupcake Day really is an easy as pie… and it’s always sweeter when shared with friends! All you have to do is pick a time, date, and place… and then make sure your friends are there with sweet treats in hand! The official date for Cupcake Day falls on a Monday this year, but we know people get busy at work, so please feel free to host your Cupcake Day any time in August.




Get Started

1. Prepare

Make a plan of where and when you’d like to have your Cupcake Day, and then get to work inviting your loved ones. You could send out handwritten invitations or make a social media event.

Be sure to let all your friends know what an amazing cause the funds you raise will be going towards. There’s nothing sweeter than helping out furry friends!

Register online to receive your host kit full of everything you need to make sure you have the sweetest Cupcake Day ever. Be sure to stick up the posters that come in your promotional kit and use social media to spread the icing (oh, we mean… the word!) about your amazing cause.

2. Host

Remind your friends a few days before about your Cupcake Day event, and everyone should be right on track for making some truly delicious goodies.

Don’t forget to tell them what their hard-earned funds are going to be put towards. Your mates will love knowing that they’re doing their part to help the animals… and that they get to have loads of fun baking up a storm!

Finally, put your baking and creative skills to the test and whip up some goodies. Eat and enjoy!

3. Donate

Be sure to let your friends know on the day of the best way for them to donate, whether this be online through your fundraising page or whether you’d rather take cash.

If your pals have decided to donate cash, simply transfer an identical amount from your credit or debit card after you’ve counted your takings from the day. Easy as!

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