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Although the treats are definitely a highlight, the real cherry on top of Cupcake Day are the thousands of animals you help with your fundraising. The RSPCA is a charity dedicated to rescuing, treating and rehoming thousands of animals each year. Animal (and cake) lovers like you are the entire reason we’re able to continue doing what we do.

We’re pleased to introduce furry friends who, without your generosity, wouldn’t have received the help they needed.


Shep the border collie cross was found as a stray suffering from a limp in his back leg and with missing patches of fur. The toes in his back leg had previously been broken and had healed at an angle causing him to limp. Thanks to Cupcake Day supporters just like you we were able to provide much needed surgery for Shep when no-one came forward to reclaim him.

After surgery, Shep was sent into foster care to recover where his sweet personality shone through. After 3 months in RSPCA’s care, Shep was finally adopted! He has now happily settled into his new home, where he is enjoying his daily trips to the dog park and learning lots of new skills in training and socialising with other dogs.


When gentle giant Gracie first came into care of RSPCA she sadly had multiple different injuries. She was covered in lumps, the tip of her tail had an open infected wound, the skin off her left paw pad had been ripped of and her tail was badly broken and ulcerated which meant that sadly it had to be amputated.

After surgery Gracie went into a foster home where her tail could heal and she could start to rebuild her trust. Soon after she came back to the shelter to have a large tumour removed from her right foot, which sadly included having an entire toe removed.

After her second surgery, Gracie was fostered into a new home with 3 cats. Her carers immediately fell in love with this sweet girl who immersed herself perfectly into their home and lives.

Gracie now enjoys a life of swimming in creeks, rolling in the grass, and napping on the bed between her new adoptive parents– whether she fits or not!


At just four months old, poor Mittens was playing in her own backyard when a dog broke through the fence and attacked her. This left the sweet little kitten with a horrendously mauled paw – too graphic to even show.

Unfortunately, Mittens leg was so badly injured that it was unable to be saved – and to relieve her of the dreadful pain she’d been subject to, our vets carefully performed an amputation and put her on a course of pain relief and medication. The feline trooper recovered from her trauma, and was now ready to begin the rest of her life in a new home where she would be so loved.

When Danielle stumbled across Mittens online adoption profile on our website, she instantly knew she was the one for her. “I loved Mittens from the moment I saw her photo and read her bio,” Danielle tells us.

“A love Bug was just what I needed, and I had lots of love to give after my dog passed away last year, so I knew we would love each other as much as we both needed.” When Danielle brought Mittens home and welcomed her into her family forever, it just felt right.

Now that Mittens is living her best life with her new fur mum, she’s not the only one who’s better off. Danielle is just so grateful for Mittens presence in her life, and has a message for everyone who made it possible by kindly donating to her treatment.

“I’d like to thank everyone who donated to help Mittens,” she says.

“She is brave, sweet and funny. She brings so much joy into my life, and she’s changed my life for the better. She’s now living large in her sweet way with a secure back garden to play in, LOTS of cuddles, and toys galore!”

Personally, we don’t think Mittens couldn’t have had a better ending to her rough beginning. – and it’s all thanks to you. From the bottom of our baking tins, we’re so grateful to our Cupcake Day supporters just like you who made Mittens new life with Danielle a reality.

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