Meet who you will be helping

Although the treats are definitely a highlight, there’s nothing better about Cupcake Day than knowing you’re making a real difference to the lives of animals in need all over the country.

We couldn’t be happier that you’ve decided to fundraise for them, and we’re sure they’re pretty chuffed with you too!

Let’s meet two furry friends that without your generosity and dedication, wouldn’t have received the help they needed.


You may notice that there’s something a little different about Alex… that being that he doesn’t have a nose! However this definitely doesn’t stop him from being the cutest little Jack Russell boy around.

Alex was brought into the shelter by RSPCA NSW Inspector Emily, after his owner unfortunately passed away and he had nowhere else to go. He was very nervous when he came in, and wouldn’t even sit still long enough to be weighed on a scale.

However, he absolutely adored Inspector Emily, and was a totally different dog around her! As she was the one who had rescued him, he was very comfortable around her and loved giving her kisses and snuggles.

We gave Alex all the veterinary checks he needed and found him to be perfectly healthy. Now, we’re giving him loads of love and attention as he waits in our shelter for his new forever family!

Your Cupcake Day fundraising will be helping us provide shelter and veterinary assistance to the animals who have found themselves in unfortunate situations, as well as keeping out inspectors out on the road!


Cookie, an elderly dachshund, was removed from a breeder’s property along with 95 other dogs and puppies. When she arrived, her nose was bent and her ears were torn and full of holes. She had really severe dental disease, as her teeth were poking out and many of them were missing.
We didn’t know what had happened to Cookie, but we did know that she needed our help!

Cookie underwent surgery and rehabilitation at an RSPCA NSW shelter, along with the other animals that had been seized from the breeding facility. When she first arrived, she was so nervous around people. However, slowly, with lots of love and care and cuddles, she began to get her confidence back.
When she was ready, Cookie was adopted into a loving family along with Apple, another dog from the breeding facility. They went to live with two other dachshunds, Alfie and Limani. Their owners call them the A-team!

With your help, we can continue to rehabilitate and rehome animals just like Cookie who deserve a second chance at life. We’re so happy we were able to rescue these dogs from cruelty, and find Cookie (and Apple!) the beautiful new home that they deserved.

Join the pawsomeness!